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Developing new writing for theatre, film and television & supporting creative projects.

After Milk Wood

a short one act play with a cast of 3.A theatre director is meeting with an old school friend who may be able to help with funding for a proposed production of Under Milkwood.There emerge some differences of opinion regarding the current housing situation in Wales.

The Divorce

a full length play in 2 acts with a cast of 2A married couple are having difficulties which have led to divorce proceedings.They’ve been married for more than 5 years.

The Mediation

a full length play in 2 acts with a cast of 5The ownership of a valuable painting is contested.A mediator, an art expert, has been appointed by the court to try to find a settlement.

Provenance Unknown

a full length play in 4 acts with a cast of 8By what magic trick does an artwork acquire immense financial value?And is this same magic at work elsewhere in the world?

Owain Glyndŵr

The Imaginary Prince of Wales

a concept in development for theatre, film & television.

Screenings At

Small venues and spaces such as local village and town halls, galleries, arts centres etc. have the ability to host regular screenings of newly released films to local audiences. But many don’t realise they can, or know how to go about it.

The Snake

a feature length film.The story centres on a girl, of East European parents, who arrived in Australia as a baby. When she is about 9 or 10 she is abandoned by her mother who returns to Europe. Later, when in her early twenties, she attempts to create an identity for herself from memories and snippets of research, drawn together while working as a cadet journalist. But are these memories or fabrications – the truth or just stories? The film is set in a number of different times. The script contains a number of storylines proceeding in parallel, informing each other in a non-linear fashion.

Just In Time

A curation of arts, issues & events in and around London and beyond in the next 7 days… with occasional reviews and fiction. Publishing weekly instalments of Owain Glyndŵr, The Imaginary Prince of Wales


Paul Corcoran

Artistic DirectorOriginally from Queensland, Paul has worked continuously in theatre, film, television, and cinema exhibition. In 1985 he founded Black Inc, a small professional theatre company specialising in 20th century European works, where he directed many productions for over a decade in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. He has worked as a script consultant for the Australian National Playwrights’ Conference, Playbox Theatre in Melbourne, Warner Roadshow Studios in Queensland and The Queensland Film Office. In 1999 Warner Bros International Television Los Angeles bought the rights to ‘Dark Realm’, a television series Paul had co-created (produced by Warner Bros UK). In the UK he was commissioned to write a play and in 2006 founded Kino, the UKs first purely digital cinema. The 91-seat cinema in Kent became an early participant of the UKFCs Digital Screen Network and In 2006/7 Kino was nominated for awards for Best Exhibitor and Innovation (RAAM). Paul developed a business model to support the fledgling digital exhibition sector, provided a generous boost to independent film distribution, and established a disruptive profile within the UK and European exhibition industries. He was invited to participate in the UKFCs Working Party to deliver solutions to ‘the digital roll-out’, and addressed conferences in the UK and Europe as a keynote speaker/panel member for digital cinema sessions. He was nominated and accepted as a Fellow into the RSA London, for his services in combining business innovation with ‘state of the art’ technology in a pioneering industry. His writing projects have been supported by Film Victoria and the NSW Film & Television Office. Most recently Paul has been trialling film screenings in a range of venues seeking to bring cinema to local audiences affordably, devising a theatrical business model to enable sites of all sizes to benefit from the technology that exists to make this possible. Paul is Artistic Director of Theatre South where he develops new writing and supports a range of arts projects, and Business Development Manager for Screenings At.

Helen Jones

ProducerFollowing early theatre experience as a dancer and choreographer, and a BA in Literature at Sydney University, Helen continued acting in Australia performing in plays, television roles and advertisements, before moving into film & television production, co-ordinating various departments, continuing on to produce short films and commercials in Sydney and Melbourne. She worked for the NSW Film & Television Office in Sydney facilitating off-shore feature film production, and produced plays for Black Inc Theatre Company for over a decade in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. She is an accredited script writer and co-creator of Dark Realm, (WB). As co-founder of Kino, the UKs first purely digital cinema, she created a ‘festival style’ programme and marketing campaign while developing audiences, screening 100 different titles and bringing in 35,000 people to the new rural site in the first year of operation. She followed this consulting to UK independent cinema industry filmmakers seeking theatrical outlets and developing audiences for independent and alternative content. Helen is Producer at Theatre South where she works in the development & management of new arts projects, Editor of Just in Time and Film Programmer at Screenings At.


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